Pyhai, 2014

Summer 2014

A little preview of one of the drawings I made for this year’s Querido’s Poeziespektakel…

OOPS – I’ve been neglecting this website for quite a while. Instead I have been busy with all these other things in life: teaching, building websites, moving and settling into a new studio & house, traveling etc. etc…  Well. Now I tidied this place up a little bit and added a few new works. Here’s to hoping I will be better in keeping this website up to date from now on (but no promises).

In February of this year I made drawings for a new children’s book for De Gestreepte Boekjes. It’s called Achter Gesloten Gordijnen (behind closed curtains), and it’s out this month.

» See more drawings
» De Gestreepte Boekjes website 

This week I’m featured on Kuvva, if you install the app you can get hi-res wallpapers of De Brief on your desktop – one for every day of the week !

» Kuvva

For Querido’s children’s poetry compilation of this year, Querido’s Poeziëspektakel 4: Vijf draken verslagen I made two drawings. The poems that are placed on these drawings are about illness, the death of a loved one, and the endless ocean.

» Complete drawings here: Waves and Wait

Happy 2011!
The first thing I did this year, was to find some top quality footage of Special Forces who are reading up on some top secret intelligence papers. You can keep an eye on them on your desktop: download wallpaper (1920x1200px, 2mb)

This drawing was inspired by books and drawings from the University of Amsterdam’s Bijzondere Collecties.

it’s december in the streets around my house…

In dreams

There there! Here’s a new children’s book that I illustrated a few months ago for Pica Educatief, called Joya gaat op reis. It’s about a little girl who goes on a little journey with a red balloon (don’t try it at home!) and in this period I was quite inspired by the colors of the interior of the house I grew up in…

» Drawings
» Buy the book at De Gestreepte Boekjes

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve been here! I’ve been hiding here and there for the last few months, reorganizing life once more and shaking off some old ideas that I had about the future..

Here is a belated update: Querido’s Poeziëspektakel 3 has been out for a while and these are the drawings that I contributed:

» Night and Letters

» Buy the book

Closer closer every night.

New drawings: Summer about lying in the grass watching the skies and time go by, circle of trust featuring my mum’s favourite colours, and family about my father my mother my sister and me.

Lately I’ve been trying to get away from the computer and do more analogue, yes I mean on real paper, with ink stains on my hands and paint under my nails, learning to draw without ctrl-z. I need more practise, but so far it’s refreshing to play with new techniques.

Here are a few snapshots of the opening of the exhibition at the library last Tuesday. Thanks everybody for being there and making it such a wonderful evening!

I’m happy to announce my first big solo exhibition in Amsterdam, on the children’s book floor of the big central library next to central station. The opening will be Tuesday May 11 at 17h, and everybody is invited!

» Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam
» I amsterdam
PS. Unlike what’s mentioned in these links, the exhibition opens and starts on May 11th.

Here’s a little sneak peek of one of the drawings I made for Querido’s third Poeziëspektakel, a book full of wonderful poetry and illustrations by both established and upcoming Dutch poets and illustrators. Quite exciting to have a few of my drawings published between so many talented people! It’s edited by (amongst others) Ted van Lieshout, and will be available from August.

From Static, an ongoing series of photos of places around me.
This one and a few more from Static and City are up on display and for sale at the new shop of Guru’s, Schoutenstraat 3, Utrecht.