De Brief (portraits) by Pyhai
Here’s a photo of a few of the portraits that I made for De Brief.

» Larger version of Tin Solider

De Brief, a wordless picture book by Pyhai
» Photos of the book of De Brief

Sprookjesbos (De Gestreepte Boekjes, Pica Educatief) by Pyhai
Here’s a photo of Sprookjesbos, the children’s book I illustrated for Pica a few months ago. You can buy it at the De Gestreepte Boekjes website!

» More illustrations from Sprookjesbos
» De Gestreepte Boekjes

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - O N A N I (Onani) deluxe album

Finally, photos of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio’s O N A N I album, for which I made photos of Tomas and Rose, included as prints with the limited edition deluxe box (sold out).

» O N A N I

Forest (from De Brief/The Letter)
At the sickbed (From De Brief / The Letter)Kite  (From De Brief / The Letter)

At very long last, I finished my project De Brief (The Letter), that I’ve been working on off and on in the last few years.
It started out with seeing a rainbow halo above a cemetery at a nuns convent in the south of Peru and kites on the wind on the Day of the Dead in the autumn of 2007.. it ended up with drawings, telling the story of a letter’s journey throughout the world, as a metaphor on hope, and how colours return in your life after a difficult period.
It turned out to be a wordless picture book, an interactive map and a collection of drawings and portraits of people and beings that got in touch with the letter.

» A few drawings from the book
» Portrait of a tin soldier

I got the opportunity to dive into this project thanks to the marvelous Fiep Westendorp Foundation (the foundation that manages the legacy of the brilliant late illustratress, Fiep Westendorp), who awarded me a young illustrators stimulation prize to work on this project. Yesterday was the biannual Fiep Day at the University library here in Amsterdam, where I and the other awardees (check out Chuck‘s fantastical children’s illustration work) got to present their projects. It felt great to round everything up and show everybody my story.. at last :)

At the sickbed (detail)
At the sickbed (detail of a drawing for The Letter, in progress)

A nightly gathering of ghosts and beings rushed together to see a letter turn into a kite.. (in progress)

Cease II
Cease III
I’ve neglected this online presence for a while, so I’ll try to catch up a bit now. Here are some drawings that go together with another drawing I already uploaded a long time ago. Sorry it had to be all alone for such a long time.

Patrick Wolf, at the Paradiso
The prince of traveling back and forth between the fine lands of goosebumps and grittyness, Patrick Wolf was enchanting at the Paradiso last Monday.. more photos at Flickr.

in there

She was ready for quite a while, but it took a while before it dawned on her.


Write me

There’s a boy called Lily, who appeared in the lily pond out of the blue and appeared to match quite well with the existing local flora. Happy summer…

A Private History of the Clouds - Alio Die & Aglaia

A Private History of the Clouds, beautiful ritual ambient and drones by Alio Die & Aglaia and designed by yours truly, is out now on Infraction Records!

Sproojesbos (detail)

A little detail of one of the illustrations for the children’s book for Pica.. which I finished at last!